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Obelisco Estate Wines

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Electrum Cabernet
Winner of “Best Red” at the NW Wine Competition. This wine wins double-golds and sells out every year.

Obelisco Electrum

Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
Taste this full spectrum fruit forward Cabernet one time and you wont forget it!

Obelisco Estate Cabernet

This is a truly unique fruit forward, small berry Malbec you will never forget!

Obelisco Malbec

Nefer III
Big! Timeless! Flavor!

Obelisco Nefer III

Continuing our excellence in Merlots! Another classic.

Obelisco Merlot

It just keeps bringing home the Gold!

Obelisco Syrah

Fashioned as a crisp and satisfying, super dry Riesling with the fruit shining through.  Enjoy it all by itself and perfect with seafood!

Obelisco Riesling