Who We Are


Stacey Armstrong, Leavenworth Tasting Room Manager

I joined the Obelisco team in May of 2019 and have felt at home since day one!  I moved up to Washington state from southern Idaho and have called the Leavenworth area my home for over 25 years.  I enjoy traveling out of the country with my brother every couple of years and with that, enjoying all types of food and wine from all over the world.  In my free time you can find me in the river on my paddleboard, in the mountains on my mountain bike and/or skis, trail running with my two doggies, and spending quality time with friends.  Come on over and check out the Leavenworth tasting room and say hello!!

Stacey Armstrong

Evan Newbery
Evan Newbery – Wholesale Accounts and Tasting Room Associate

I worked on the distributor side of the wine business for about fifteen years.  I first visited Woodinville back in 2003, to visit a local winery from our portfolio.  Nine years later, we packed our bags and moved to Woodinville on a relocation.  The same winery was still here, but the landscape had changed dramatically.  The wine business was alive and well and flourishing.   The quality of the wines were fantastic and only getting better.  My wife and I, would pass the new Obelisco tasting room at Apple Farm Village on our frequent bike rides and we finally decided to stop in one afternoon for a tasting.   I remember turning to my wife and commenting on how well made and balanced the wines were.  Fast forward four years and Obelisco was looking for someone to help out at the tasting room and I jumped at the opportunity to get back into the wine business.  It has been a pleasure to meet all of the great people that come through our doors and help them discover the exceptional quality of Obelisco and the magic of Red Mountain.  When I am not in the tasting room, you can find me biking the Sammamish River Trail, chilling out on Lake Washington or on the sidelines of soccer game rooting on our kids. 

Obelisco Team


Corinne Zibelli

Corinne Zibelli, Warehouse District Tasting Room Associate

I was born in Honolulu, HI and now reside in Issaquah, WA. I started at Obelisco when I was asked to volunteer by a fellow-wine student at South Seattle College Wine Technology School, who knew the previous manager at Obelisco’s Warehouse location. I adore all the people I work with and all the interesting people who come to taste wine. I love the wine too… lucky me! My favorite food and wine pairing is sparkling wine and dill pickle potato chips. If you see me, be sure to ask me about the 2nd holiday party at Tulio’s at the Hotel Vintage Park, where we all partied after dinner in Doug and Betsy’s hotel room, wearing leopard skin bathrobes….


Debbie Bailey

Debbie Bailey, AFV and Warehouse District Tasting Room Associate

Hi my name is Debbie, or Deb. My father was a jockey so I grew up traveling between Washington and California. I live in Woodinville now, walking distance to Apple Farm Village, although I enjoy working at both locations in Woodinville. I started volunteering for Obelisco in 2012 and became an employee in December of 2015 in preparation of the new Apple Farm Village opening. Some of the things that make Obelisco special to me are the great wine, of course, but the family atmosphere and lack of pretentiousness, even though the wine is worthy of it – it’s inspiring. Doug and Betsy Long were a great part of that. My favorite memory  was at a volunteer meeting where Doug was introducing us to 2011 Estate Cab.  He talked about how elegant it was and he thought it was among the best he had made. It is still my favorite! I love to pair food with wine but I am happy to have it as a stand alone at a cocktail party. I love our summer party, it is a chance for the staff to really mingle with our club members and have a good time. I also enjoy the new comedy night and working with our artists for our summer solstice event.


Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey, AFV and Warehouse District Tasting Room Associate

My name is Mike Bailey, I’ve been a team member here with Obelisco Estates winery for about five years now.  The last few years, I have been a (very) part-time staff member serving in both the AFV and warehouse tasting rooms.  My wife (Debbie) and I live in Woodinville – walking distance from the AFV tasting room.  We’ve lived in Woodinville about 13 years now. One of my favorite Obelisco memories stems from the 2017 Summer Party.  Watching Doug and Betsy Long enjoy their dance together still causes me to pause and reminisce.  One of the things I love most about Obelisco is the true family feeling.  I’ve enjoyed getting to learn more about wine making and Red Mountain.  I love the stories and the passion that have gone into making Obelisco wine some of the finest in Washington state.  I love all the wines – but the Nefer III has to be a favorite. We hope others sense the pride and passion we have for our Obelisco family when they visit our tasting rooms.  


Sherine Ibusuki

Sherine Ibusuki, AFV and Warehouse District Tasting Room Associate

I have been at Obelisco since 2018! I am originally from India but have grown up in various parts of the world and feel that experience has inspired my passion in food (cooking and eating), travel, various cultures, and wine. In my free time, I love spending time with friends and family, and sharing a good bottle of wine (currently the 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon) with a delicious steak or Wild mushroom pasta.  I enjoy meeting people and working at Obelisco, as I feel like I am consistently learning about the complexities of wine and that keeps it challenging and interesting. Looking forward to seeing you soon in the tasting room!


Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen, AFV and Warehouse District Tasting Room Associate

I’ve been with Obelisco since 2012, first starting off as a wine club member and volunteer, then eventually as a staff member starting in 2015.  I’m somewhat of a “wine geek” and enjoy tasting and learning about wine from all over the world.  I love food and wine, but most of all, I enjoy the great company that goes along with it.  During my free time, I enjoy running, cooking, and spending time with my family.  My favorite part about working at Obelisco is feeling like part of a family – I love spending time with other staff and wine club members that come in!


Kirsten Evangelista

Kirsten Evangelista, AFV Tasting Room Associate

I am from Chicago, IL by way of Woodstock IL. I currently live in Greenlake. I started volunteering for Obelisco in 2013. I remember it like it was yesterday.….I became a member the first day I walked through the door. On That Day, I was pretty down in the dumps and my husband let me do anything I wanted to cheer up. Of course I opted to go wine tasting. We had a card that got us free tastings to different places. (Similar to the Passport). We didn’t have any cash on us, and I promised I wouldn’t spend any “Cash” so no need to stop at the ATM. Walking through the Warehouse District, I spotted a sign that said “Red Mountain all wine 90+ Points” I literally stopped in my tracks and bee-lined it straight to the door dragging my husband in tow. Every single wine I tasted (including the whites and the Syrah) I loved! I thought to myself, “I am already a member at a place that I only liked 1 or 2 wines. So it was a no brainer to join a wine club which I liked every wine!” I loved this winery and the people so much I wanted to do everything in my power to help promote Obelisco. I asked Ken many times what I needed to do to volunteer. He said, “Just shoot me an email”. I asked him at least 5 more times. I finally emailed and I was volunteering the next month. Two and a half years later when AFV opened I begged and pleaded with Ken to let me work there. He really had no choice, but to say Yes!


Bob Deardon, Tasting Room Associate

My Obelisco story starts with a good book, a great glass of Cab and some quiet time next to the AFV tasting room fireplace. My home away from home that was my weekend getaway. Coming down to the tasting room often I quickly became a club member once I realized there was never an Obelisco wine that was not amazing followed by a year of volunteering up at the Warehouse location on weekends. After a year of volunteering I became an employee and have enjoyed being a part of the Obelisco family every since! Even though I don’t use the seat by the fire much these days I feel blessed to be able to pour the best wine in the State!

Vicky Kaelber, AFV and Warehouse District Tasting Room Associate

Hi,  I’m Vicky!
I joined the Obelisco team (for the second time) in 2020 after spending five years in Huntington Beach, CA.  While there,  I got more than my fill of sunshine, took some fun wine classes, and worked as a tasting room and club manager at a winery that sources fruit from the Central Coast and Santa Ynez Valley.
Before moving to Orange County, I was a long-time Washington resident (after being raised in Alaska) and worked at Obelisco as a tasting room associate for several years.  I have some very special memories of Doug and Betsy Long, the Obelisco family, and – of course – the Red Mountain wine!
I am so excited to be back home in the Northwest, and am blessed to be working with the Obelisco team again.