Our winemaking philosophy is to highlight the style,
quality and expression of our vineyard.

Ali Mayfield, Winemaker

People at the winery usually give me a double-take when I tell them I’m from Indiana and was a UPS delivery driver, but it’s true. I had been making wine as a hobby and when I would gift bottles to friends and family, they really enjoyed it. I soon realized making wine was what I really wanted to do. I took the leap, packed up my family, and moved to Washington State where I attended the viticulture program at Walla Walla Community College and honed my craft at some of my favorite wineries. This really was the right career for me, and I pursued it (still do!) with real passion but continued to strive to make wine in my own style and according to my own philosophy.

In 2013 I was finally able to produce a few barrels of this wine thanks to a tight network of friends and colleagues. I haed no real plan for it, just the seeds of an idea that would help me take my style of winemaking to the next level. And now, here we are!


Ken Abbott, GM and Winemaking Steward

Midway through college, I went to Napa to stay with my aunt and uncle in St. Helena.  While I had gone to play tennis, I quickly fell in love with the wine industry. From my family, I learned about our wine making traditions and production, which have always stayed with me. After graduating from WSU in 1992, I worked outside of the industry in Real Estate, Finance and Development.  Not long after, my uncle Doug, who had winemaking in his blood, relocated to Gig Harbor, WA from Napa Valley. He began telling me about Red Mountain and how special of a place it is for grapes.  Doug was a visionary in this area and I was lucky enough to learn and work with Doug for a long time.  Slowly, I got more and more involved in the business aspects and production of Obelisco wine and eventually Doug asked me to be the GM of the winery. My hero, godfather, and friend, Doug, passed in 2017.  As the GM, I carry on the family tradition of producing wine at Obelisco with my Aunt Betsy and is a steward of the family’s style of wines. In honor of Doug, I and my amazing team at Obelisco carry on the love to help people “Celebrate Life.”